Inspiration for the creation of The Rosa Health Center, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, was born out of the recognition of a need: a desperate need for provision of medical care in southern Delaware and in a manner different from the models that were already being utilized.

     The population in southern Delaware has been increasing, in particular the minority and elderly population, while the average income in this area has continued to be below the state average. As such, a large portion of the population has continued to have difficult or no access to outpatient medical care. Many patients end up seeking emergency room care for serious illnesses that could easily be treated in the early stages in a primary care out patient setting.

      Simply increasing the number of providers was not the answer. The approach for providing healthcare needed to be changed. In many medical office settings, patients, staff and providers often felt discounted and powerless. The goals and relationships of all three were generally not addressed. A new approach or model was needed for providing quality care.

     As the criteria for this new innovative model were considered, it was realized that the approach already existed in the philosophy of the “old-time family doctor”. Therefore the Rosa Health Center’s “new” practice design would be based on the  “old- time family doctor” model.

     In this model, the patient felt comfortable and viewed the office like a home, perceiving the staff and doctors as “members” of the family. The commitment and relationships between the patient, staff and doctors was such that all felt a kinship in pursuit of the common goal of the patient’s health. By recreating this model with its’ unique practice atmosphere and effective delivery of care, The Rosa Health Center will achieve quality healthcare for the patient and professional satisfaction for the providers and staff.